Nano CBD Oil For Anxiety

The most effective nano CBD oil dose varies from user to user. The individuals weight, metabolism, ailment severity, tolerance, and sensitivity to CBD all come into play when figuring out the right dose to take.

Social Anxiety & Panic attacks can be a long term battle to conquer. Daily activities that have no logical reason to not enjoy, started creeping up on me. meeting up with good friends can even become a chore to think about.

Anxiety isn’t always alleviated by daily exercise routine, or morning meditation, leaving people anxious, stressed, and tired throughout the day. Even following a healthy lifestyle doesn’t always calm your nerves, and that’s where CBD comes in as a secret weapon.

“The effects are calming, soothing, and relaxing. I notice that my thoughts aren’t as ‘racy’, and are easier to ‘control’, helping me focus more on schoolwork and my career. It’s difficult to explain exactly how I feel on CBD, but it’s a positive feeling, similar to the best feelings in my life-when I felt my best.”

Just like any CBD product on the market, there are high and low quality products. Sometimes the low quality products work just as well as the high end, but usually you get what you pay for.

Cheap CBD extracted from the roots and stalks of the hemp plant is more likely a ‘scam’. Quality CBD companies, ones that extract the Nano CBD from the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant, are providing top-shelf Nano CBD oil that is more reliable, trustworthy, and more likely to work than the cheaper brands you see.

Another, more uncommon reason why CBD doesn’t always satisfy its users is that they are using only Isolate, or CBD with a zero amount of THC. State laws vary with the legality of Full-Spectrum CBD products, but if available to you, we recommend always choosing a Full-Spectrum CBD.

What is an effective dose of CBD oil for anxiety?

To make sure you’re getting an effective dosage of CBD, pay attention to how you feel. Start low, and go slow when it comes to milligrams of CBD. You don’t need too much of this potent cannabinoid to feel its relief.

The symptoms you’re treating should dissipate, or at least lessen in severity.

Average CBD doses for anxiety based on severity:

  • Mild: 10mg-20mg
  • Moderate: 20mg-40mg
  • Severe: 40mg+ 60mg

See how one dose a day affects your symptoms. increase the dose, and milligrams as needed until desired effects are achieved. Most consumers end up needing a dose every 6 hours to manage chronic anxiety disorders.

Each individual may react differently to cannabinoids based on their tolerance. Medical Cannabis users tend to have a tolerance to CBD already, causing higher doses than the average consumer.

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