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Couples Rehab

Being in a relationship is hard, but this is further compounded when both parties in the union are battling addiction. Whether you know this or not, there is no reason to separate in order to get help; there are treatment options available for couples. If you are totally committed to the relationship and staying on the road to recover, here is some information you may find to be quite useful.

Inpatient Or Outpatient

The first thing you will need to determine is whether an inpatient or outpatient facility will provide you with the most benefit. Keep in mind that both parties do not have to agree to the same treatment type; it will largely depend on their individual needs. In addition, there are sometimes occasions where one person is already in recovery or not a user at all and the other is currently using. In that case, the one who is sober may benefit more from being seen as an outpatient while an inpatient facility could help the other person work on a solid recovery plan.

Regardless of which treatment type is chosen, those who attend couples rehab are more likely to maintain sobriety than those who are working hard to do well while their partner is on a different path. This is because it will help address the alcohol and/or drug issues while also helping the couple understand better ways to deal with relationship stress that do not involve taking any kind of substances.

Treatment Methods

There are many treatment methods available. Here are three of the most common:

Behavioral Couples Therapy

This is a form of treatment that is based on the idea of modifying behavior. It typically involved setting daily treatment goals and offering a contract to your partner that details the intent to eliminate substance usage. The partner is supposed to offer as much support as possible during this time. It may be a bit tricky, especially if the person is lost in the throes of addiction, but it can be useful in many cases.

Generally, there are counseling sessions weekly where goals and progress are continually discussed. This can be done in individual sessions as well as in group sessions with other couples who working on substance abuse issues as well.

Medication Therapy

Some people have a hard time with recovery because they cannot handle the symptoms of withdrawal. It is not always easy to make the decision to quit without having help in the form of medication. Depending on the substance that is being abused, there are pharmaceutical treatments that can help reduce symptoms like cravings, depression and anxiety. Many of the medications available will help while someone is trying to detox as well as during the time that this period has ended. This may or not be used as an integral part of couples rehab.

Weekly Meetings

Many have heard of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) as well as Narcotics Anonymous (NA), but there is an option available called Recovering Couples Anonymous (RCA), that may be a better option for those who are in relationships that have been affected by substance abuse. As with the other meetings mentioned, RCA is based on a 12-step method of recovery. This is an option for a couple who are both users or a situation in which only one partner is. In the case of the latter, these meetings can help the non-using partner understand what the other is going through and help them work toward a common goal – sobriety.

Is Couples Rehab Necessary?

Here is a handy checklist. If any of the following apply, rehab may be the best option:

  • There have been situations when violence has occurred.
  • You find yourself making excuses for a partners drug and alcohol abuse.
  • You lack the social support needed to handle this on your own.
  •  The relationship has taken a back burner to drug use.

If one or more of these sound familiar, you should seek help as soon as possible.

Working toward sobriety is never a simple task, but it can be easier with the right help. If you and/or your partner are struggling with substance abuse and you need assistance, you should certainly consider one or more of the treatment options mentioned here. They can help salvage your relationship and save your life.

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