Alcohol Addiction During Pandemic

COVID-19 is causing a spike in alcohol-related deaths in women. Not only are females more vulnerable to alcohol addiction, but many women are also suffering from deep isolation, grief, and financial uncertainty due to the coronavirus global pandemic.

The outbreak of coronavirus has changed our daily lives. We are now asked to wear masks in public, keep a distance of at least six feet from our peers, and wash our hands incessantly. We cannot attend movies, eat out, and visit each other without risking contraction of covid.

Our latest data backs up this 42% increase in alcohol use for women. Nielsen data from March 2020 reveals that alcohol sales across the United States were up 29 percent for wine, 27 percent for spirits, and 15 percent for beer, cider, and malt, compared to the same week in March 2019.

Coronavirus is affecting our society and will indeed have robust, deep-rooted, and adverse effects on our health and wellness. The doctors at CDC warn that almost 100,000 people die every year from excessive alcohol use. This is only going to increase during the pandemic. First, some warnings from the national research from CDC concerning alcohol: 

COVID-19 has affected every person in every family across the United States and the world. Due to coronavirus, most people are sequestered in their homes as they may be considered at high risk of catching COVID-19. Or it could be that we are working to contain the spread of the virus. Others are working from home, which means they, too, are not out as much as they were during pre-COVID-19 weeks.

An increase of women attending alcohol abuse counseling, coupled with the health and well-being issues caused by coronavirus can only mean one thing for women, and it is not good: the amount of women suffering alcohol substance use disorders will increase and intensify, so more women will sadly die from excessive alcohol consumption.

Women Are More suseptible To Alcohol

Scientific studies through the decades have shown, over and over again, that there are major differences in the effects that alcohol has on men versus its effects on women. These studies show women’s greater sensitivity to alcohol, and how they have a much higher likelihood of developing an alcohol use disorder. Women are also more likely to suffer from the effects of alcohol abuse and drink amounts of alcohol that their bodies cannot handle. There are a few proven scientific reasons why women have an increased sensitivity to alcohol than their male counterparts.

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